PEAK Resource Center


Increase profits with powerful customized campaigns for every department. Put our experts to the test.

Service Clinics average 52:1 ROI
Holiday Mailings up to 122:1 ROI

Free Advice, Really.
The Peak Performance Resource Center helps you maximize the Lifetime Value of each customer with creative solutions for each department. With over a decade of experience in customer retention and promotional solutions, our team of specially trained automotive marketing experts can design and create any announcement to fulfill your marketing campaign.

Increase your opportunities with these Profit Builders:

  • Service Clinics
  • Inactive Recapture
  • Holiday Mailings
  • Extended Warranty Solicitation
  • Targeted Sales Prospecting
  • eMarketing Campaigns
  • Postcards
  • Custom Inserts
  • Sales/Service Events
  • National Campaign Boosters
  • Accessory Campaigns
  • Parts Promotions
  • Body Shop